Renders Studio | Our Work Process
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Our Work Process

Knows how we work
The best way to carry out a project
A unique way of creating

In Render’s Studio wehave developed a process that generates optimal and effective results. We achieved this due our extense experience in the building industry.

We stand out due our dedication and innovative solutions. We understand that customer service and high quality products are vital for the success of any business nowadays.

Which steps should i follow?

Our workflow is simple and effective; Based on the information you provide us we take care of generating the images , virtual tours and scale models you need.


You share the aims and scopes of your project, to developa work plan that suits your needs.


We provide with solutions for your approval.


We design and detail the proposal.


We work on what will be delivered as agreed in the scope of the Project.


We hand overthe final product fora succesful presentation.


We celebrate the success of the project.